Propositions for Authors for „Global Process“ Journal


Paper Guidelines:


Full papers should not exceed more than 30.000 characters (with spaces) including references, which are typed according to the below guidelines:


Article title: Times New Roman; 14 pt; bold; alignment centered; single -li ne spacing; All Caps (max. 100 characters with spaces).


Author name and title: Times New Roman; bold; 14 pt; single-line spaci ng; alignment centered.


Photo of the author: will be published together with Articles. Authors should send Profile Photo in high resolutions.


Affiliation and e-mail address: Times New Roman; italic; 12 pt; single-line spacing; alignment centered.


Abstract and keywords: Between 100 and 150 words (5-7 ke ywords); Times New Roman; 12 pt; single-line spacing; justify.


Article text: Times New Roman; 12 pt; justify; 1.5 li ne spacing; margi ns: Top: 2,5 cm; Bottom: 2,5 cm; Left: 3 cm; Ri ght: 3 cm.

The scope of submitted text should not exceed more than 30. 000 characters (with spaces) including references. Text should be written in neuter gender, concisely and in correct orthography. Latin phrases should be set in italics.


Quotations: If they are brief (3 lines or fewer), quotations should be run on with the text. Longer quotations should be indented,without quotation marks. All indented quotations should be typed single-spaced.


Citation style: The author should follow Chicago Style (author-date system) for referencing, for example: (Dahl 1989, 45); (Geddes 1999, 134-43);(Linz 1975). All references should be given in full at first mention. Subsequent citations can be abbreviated. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum.


Headings and subheadings: Times New Roman; 12 pt; bold.


Table: Times New Roman; bold; size 10; align heading left; single line spacing. Tables must be created in Word, not Excel . Table heading is situated above the table.


Figures: Times New Roman; bold; size 10; alignment centered; single line spacing. The authors must submit original electronic copies of the figures applied in the article in TIFF, JPG or PNG format. Figure heading is situated under the figure . Consider to align tables and figures at the centre.


Proceeding for Papers:


First step is allways Abstract Submission.


After 7 days from Abstract Date Submissions Author will receive a Abstract acceptance notifications.


After Abstract acceptance notifications Author have a 14 days for Paper submission.


After 1st Paper revision ( Senior Editorial Board) and 2nd Paper revision (Executive Editorial Board) Authors got writte notifications about final accepted Papers.





The Journal is issued in electronic form and all articles are published in Journal free of charge.


The Authors keep all Copyrights on their Papers published in Global Process Journal.


With Submitions of Papers to the „Global Processes“ Journal,Authors agree that „Global Processes“ Journal could published their Papers free of charge.


This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part and in any form for educationalor non-profit purposes without special permission from the copyright holder, provided acknowledgement of the source is made.


The „Global Processes“ Journal would appreciate receiving a copy of any publication that uses this publication as a source.


Suggested citation: „Global Processes“ Journal, Vol. nr, page nr.,  ISSN 2640-8848.


No use of this publication may be made for resale or any other commercial purpose whatsoever without prior permission in writing from „Global Processes“ Journal or authors of papers published in Journal „Global Processes“.