About „Global Processes“ web Platform


Global Process web Platform is Open source for scientific cooperation”.


The aim is to conect institutions, indviduals and different organizations   which are searching answers and solutions for a Global trends and processes.


Only together, because „We are All one“, we could make this Earth  a Better place  for future generations. And the  Best ways are to  build a bridges and forgot a word „problem“. There are not a problems just solutions.


Scientist are the Best diplomats of societies. Lets give them a chance to change present models and find the best answers on a Global tendences.


The  same rules are for all Articles published on a Global Processes web Platform as for a „Global Processes“ Journal . Differences between GPJ and GP web Platform are : news and articles are shorter, web Platform is up dated daily and GPJ is published 4 times per year.


Again, Web Platform is  an open source for scientific cooperation world wide between all ,individuals or Institutions,  who are activly searching for the solutions on a  Global Problems and supporting a high quolity education standards.